Solar Hot Water Prices

Is It Worth The Money?

For most households heating water can make up a large proportion of their electricity bill so it makes sense that we should try to heat water using efficient methods. We have several options for you to choose from including evacuated tube solar hot water, the Sanden heat pump hot water system, the Ambient heat pump hot water systems as well as wetback hot water systems.

At Affordable Solar Tasmania we will help to determine the best hot water solution to meet your individual water consumption patterns.

Solar Hot Water Prices

Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water

The Most Efficient Solar Hot Water Technology

The Edson evacuated tube solar hot water system consists of usually 30 evacuated tubes connected to a manifold & placed on a rooftop.  Flow and return lines are connected to it which are also connected to a hot water cylinder.  A contoller measures the temperature of the tank and the manifold and determines if the contions are met to turn on the circulation pump which heats the tank.  If there is insufficient heat in the manifold to heat the tank the tank can be boosted by either an electric element or gas.  For more information on the Edson evacuated tube solar hot water system click here

Heat Pump Hot Water Hobart

Yes heat pump hot water systems are actually classed as solar hot water because they use the heat in the air and transfer it into heat in a hot water cylinder. But not all heat pump hot water are the same.  The Sanden Eco Hot Water Heat Pump can extract heat from air as low as minus 10 degrees Celcius.  Many of the less expensive heat pump hot water systems on the market rely on a back-up electric element when the temperature gets down to 5 degrees Celcius.  Thats a lot of the time in Hobart on a Winters night but the Sanden continues to work efficiently largely due to using the less harmful refrigerant CO2. In addition to this the Sanden heat pump is whisper quiet - just 37dB. Many of the cheaper heat pump hot water systems on the market run at up to 65dB! One of the stand out features of the Sanden heat pump is the warranty - 6 years parts & labour on the heat pump, 15 years pro-rata on the Australian made stainless steel cylinder (available in four cylinder sizes.  For more information on the Sanden Heat Pump Hot Water system click here.


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