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Sanden Heat Pump Hot Water System
The Sanden Heat Pump Hot Water System is the best hot water system for Tasmania for several reasons. It works efficiently even at temperatures as low as minus 10 degrees C. Some of the other heat pumps on the market stop working efficiently at temperatures as high as 5 degrees which can be a lot of the time in a cold Tasmanian Winter. At 5 degrees those heat pumps rely on a back-up electric element just like a conventional electric cylinder which is in-efficient.

The Sanden heat pump hot water system is very quiet, just 37 Db. Other heat pump hot water systems can be as loud as 65 Db.

Flexible installation options.  The Sanden cylinder can be installed inside or outside.  All in one heat pump hot water systems need to be installed outside or have ducting installed to/from the outside.  This leads to extra noise inside your house.  The Sanden also has a variety of cylinder sizes - 160L, 250L, 300L & 315.

The Sanden has long warranties.  6 years for the heat pump, 15 years (pro rata after 10) on the stainless steel tank. Warranties on some of the cheaper all in one units can be as low as 12 months on the heat pump and 5 years on the tank.

It's environmentally friendly not only because of efficiency but also its long life expectancy (less landfill), environmentally friendly insulation & ozone friendly CO2 refrigerant.

The new G5 model has an optional Wifi module enabling advanced functions such as one touch boost, multiple timer programming (ideal when optimising tariff 93 & solar power), error reporting, remote access by authorised Sanden installers, data including electricity consumption, current status, water temperature etc. The energy saving mode uses AI to determine how much hot water is needed at which point of the day to enable maximum electricity consumption.
Some heat pump hot water systems can be noisy, up to 65Db however the Sanden is just 37Db. If the noise bothers you then the Sanden can be programmed to run at the times that suit you.
The Sanden cylinder is made in Australia from stainless steel. The heat pump is made in Japan.

The cost of installing a Sanden can vary greatly.  Factors that vary the cost include travel time, the difficulty of the installation, access to the site, suitability of the switchboard, re-location of the cylinder, distance of the flow and return lines etc. Sometimes we can give you a quote after a conversation on the phone and a few emails with pictures but we always prefer to do a site visit. Feel free to contact us to arrange a quote.

It depends on your motive for buying it.  If you are a household of one and your motive is to save money then no its not worth it. Your return on investment would be far too long. If you are a household of one and you want to save the environment at any cost then sure its worth it.

Its really worth it for households with 3 or more people. The return on investment will vary depending on the tariff rate you are on and if you have solar power etc. Either way you will use approximately 70% less electricity when compared to a conventional cylinder.


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