Power Your Business

Installing a solar power system at your business not only makes financial sense, it makes an envionmental statement that your business has a conscious. What better way to say to your clients that you care    .

Commercial Solar

Solar for organisations which operate during the day makes great financial sense.  With a well designed system you business can consume most of the energy produced by the solar system meaning low feed in tariffs are of no consequence.  Your return on investment could be as low as five years.  Finance can be arranged for approved customers and all of your repayments can be written off against your tax. It's no longer a question of should you install solar but when.

Solar Power Installation

Where to Start

The  process of installing solar for your business or organisation starts with an informal chat to find out what your objectives are & what parameters we have to work with.  E.g. Do you want to install as much as possible, meet a particular power requirement or have a set budget set aside for solar? 

Solar Power System Schematic Diagram

The Design

With your objectives in mind we design a system to meet them and produce a quote.  The quote will not only state your out of pocket price but also how much electricity you are likely to produce on a month by month basis.  Having this projected output enables us to estimate the return on your investment.

SMA Inverters


Depending on the size of the installation, whether tilt framing is required, if your building is heritage listed or in a heritage area various approvals may need to be sought. An application must also be approved by TasNetworks to connect to their electricity grid. We take care of all of the approval process for you.

Solar Power Installation


The duration of the installation varies depending on the number of installers, weather, access to the roof, the size & complexity of the installation. After the installation TasNetworks will install a new meter. For a fee TasNetworks can do this out of business hours to minimise disruption to your business.


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